Why are we hard on ourselves?

August 3, 2017

Why are we hard on ourselves?

In this season of love, The Wisdom Coalition turns the focus inward and asks why we women sometimes find it so difficult to love ourselves. Listen to a lively panel discussion from The Wisdom Coalition Winter Renewal Retreat at Bell Gate Farm in Coopersburg, PA. Our panel, Tina McGovern, women empowerment and success coach from Scranton, PA and May Ambrogi, clinical social worker and therapist with Bethlehem Counseling Associates tackle the larger questions of what lies beneath negative self-talk. Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen raise questions about the practical suggestions and solutions we can all use to learn to put away self doubt and replace it with a kinder inner dialogue. The live audience chimes in with questions and comments about an issue that is difficult for many women. Forget the flowers and candy, listen in and learn how to be your own Valentine!

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