Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

  • It is systematic way for a work organization to give its employees and their family members access to mental health services
  • It is a confidential health benefit offered to assist employees in managing an assortment of personal problems
  • It is a management tool used to assist supervisors and “problem employees” in resolving on-the-job performance, behavior and/or personal problems

EAP can provide confidential assistance in the following areas:

Family Issues AddictionsLife Transitions Emotional DifficultiesWork Related Issues

Marital Problems

AlcoholRetirement Planning Stress Management Interpersonal Conflicts at Work
Separation/Divorce Other DrugsBalancing Work and Family DepressionCareer Planning and Progression
Parenting Problems FoodFinancial Issues AnxietyGroup Problem Solving
Relationship Problems GamblingLegal ProblemsGriefJob Dissatisfaction

BCA staff can assist in designing, implementing, and advertising an EAP. BCA believes the most effective EAP’s are those designed to specifically fit the needs and culture of each client-organization. A BCA consultant will work closely with representatives of your organization to insure your EAP fits smoothly with current policies, procedures, and practices.

We believe your EAP can be a key health-care benefit to your employees and their families. In addition, a well-designed EAP can serve as an effective, cost-efficient tool in managing behavioral health costs and problem employees. Your EAP can provide a first line of defense and an appropriate response to workplace violence and substance abuse problems.